Vessel details data
Authorized to fish
IATTC Vessel Number:5179
Flag: Mexico
Gear: Longline
Port of registration:Ensenada
Registration number: 0201109833-6
Dimensions(m)Length: 29.5
Beam: 7.32
Depth: 3.81
Technical characteristicsFish hold volume (m3): 115
Fish hold volume confirmation date:  
Carrying capacity (t): 70
Gross tonnage: 184
Engine power (HP): 700
Year built: 1997
Company: Pesquera Buena Pesca S.A. de C.V.
Business Address: Lote 1-2, Manzana 8
Parque Industrial Fondeport
El Sauzal

Last modified: 21 Sep 2018