List of IATTC Data reports


Number 11*

8 MB

Marlon Román-Verdesoto and Mauricio Orozco-Zöller. 2005.  Bycatches of sharks in the tuna purse-seine fishery of the eastern Pacific Ocean reported by observers of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, 1993-2004

Number 10

6 MB

WATTERS, GEORGE M. 1999. Geographical distributions of effort and catches of tunas by purse-seine vessels in the eastern Pacific Ocean during 1965-1998

Number 9*

3 MB

OWEN, R. W. 1997. Oceanographic atlas of habitats of larval tunas in the Pacific Ocean off the Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Number 8

8 MB

HINTON, MICHAEL G., and GAYLE VER STEEG. 1994. Statistics of the eastern Pacific Ocean tuna fishery, 1979 to 1992

Number 7*

8 MB

KANE, WILLIAM P. 1983. Report on the electrophoretic and morphometric studies conducted at the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission from 1969 to 1978

Number 6*

2 MB

ALLEN R.L., D. A. BRATTEN, J.L. LAAKE, J.F. LAMBERT, W.L. PERRYMAN, and M.D. SCOTT. 1980. Report on estimating the size of dolphin schools, based on data obtained during a charter cruise of the M/V Gina Anne, October 11-November 25, 1979

Number 5

70 MB

STEVENSON, MERRITT R., FORREST R. MILLER, and PAUL E. LA VIOLETTE. 1972. Oceanographic, meteorological, satellite and aircraft observations for Project Little Window 2: May 1971

Number 4

15 MB

STEVENSON, M.R., and F.R. MILLER. 1971. Oceanographic and meteorological observations for Project Little Window: March 1970

Number 3

7 MB

LEET, W.S., and M.R. STEVENSON. 1969. Oceanographic observations for the Mazatlan project: October 1966-August 1967

Number 2

37 MB

ANONYMOUS. 1968. Oceanographic observations in the Gulf of Guayaquil, 1962-1964. Part 2. Biological, chemical and physical

Number 1

62 MB

ANONYMOUS. 1966. Oceanographic observations in the Gulf of Guayaquil, 1962-1964. Part 1. Physical and chemical


1 MB

KLAWE, W.L., and SUZANNE HESTER. 1962. Source list of seeds of Leguminosae prepared for immunogeneticists working with phyto-hemagglutinins


4 MB

SUND, PAUL N. no date. A temperature atlas of the Gulf of Panama 1955-1959


3 MB

KLAWE, W.L. 1958. Data collected on tuna spawning survey cruise July 1-20, 1957

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