IATTC and AIDCP Annual Meetings - 17-28 July, 2017 - Mexico City, Mexico






39th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking

TT-39-04 Review of the implementation of the Dolphin Safe Certification System

19 Jun

26th Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP Dolphin Safe Tuna Certification System

61st Meeting of the International Review Panel

IRP-61-05 Review of Dolphin Mortality Limits for 2016 and 2017
IRP-61-06 Review of AIDCP List of Qualified Captains
IRP-61-08a Actions taken since report at the 60th meeting

9 Jun


35th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP

MOP-35-06 AIDCP budget



5th Meeting of the Committee on Administration and Finance

CAF-05-04 Review of proposed budgets for 2018 and 2019
Special Fund for promoting institutional capacity-building (Resolution C-14-03)
CAF-05-05c Program to monitor transshipments at sea (Resolution C-12-07)

14 Jun


13 Jun


8th Meeting of the Committee for the Review of Implementation of Measures Adopted by the Commission

Compliance 2016


COR-08-03 Report by the staff on compliance


COR-08-05 Consideration of the provisional IUU Vessel list

8 Jun

COR-08-06 Cooperating non-Members

5 Jun

21 (PM)

2nd Meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on FADs (second part)


13 Jun


18th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity

CAP-18-03 Review of changes in the utilization of fleet capacity in the EPO

12 Jun


92nd Meeting of the IATTC

IATTC-92-04a The fishery in 2016 and status of the tuna and billfish stocks

13 Jun

IATTC-92-04c Report and recommendations of the 8th meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee

30 May

IATTC-92-04d Conservation recommendations by the Commission staff

13 Jun

IATTC-92-06  Observer program for transshipments at sea
ADDENDUM 1  MRAG Americas:  IATTC Observer Program - Emergency Action Plan 



Other documents (misc.)


IATTC-92 PROP A-1 COL Regulation of FADs

ISSF, WWF, Ahold Dehaize, ALDI, American Bird Conservancy, American Tuna and others Joint letter to the Heads of Delegation to IOTC, IATTC , ICCAT and WCPFC


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