The IATTC Special Reports contain material, other than original scientific research, that is nevertheless of interest to wide segments of the scientific community.  These are issued on an irregular basis.


Report 21

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PUNT, ANDRE E. 2013. Independent review of the eastern Pacific Ocean dolphin population assessment

Report 20

1 MB

Martell, Steven JD. (Chair), Paul de Bruyn, Nick M. Davies and Billy Ernst (Panel Members). 2013. Recommendations of the review panel on the IATTC assessment of yellowfin tuna

Report 19

1.5 MB

SIBERT, JOHN R. (Chair), SHELTON J. HARLEY, JAMES N. IANELLI and ANDRE E. PUNT (Panel Members). 2012. External review of IATTC bigeye tuna assessment

Report 18

1.5 MB

SUTER, JENNY M. 2010. An evaluation of the area stratification used for sampling tunas in the eastern Pacific Ocean and implications for estimating total annual catches

Report 17

2 MB

2008. Workshop on turtle bycatch mitigation for longline fisheries: experimental design and data analysis

Report 16

2 MB

MARGULIES, DANIEL, VERNON P. SCHOLEY, JEANNE B. WEXLER, ROBERT J. OLSON, JENNY M. SUTER, and SHARON L. HUNT. 2007. A review of IATTC research on the early life history and reproductive biology of scombrids conducted at the Achotines Laboratory from 1985 to 2005

Report 15

374 KB

MAUNDER, MARK N., and MICHAEL G. HINTON. 2006. Estimating relative abundance from catch and effort data, using neural networks

Report 14

8 MB

2006. Technical workshop on calculating NMIN for the dolphin stocks of the eastern Pacific Ocean

Report 13

1 MB

BAYLIFF, WILLIAM H. 2001. Organization, functions, and achievements of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

Report 12

4 MB

2001. Symposium on world tuna fisheries: commemorating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

Report 11

24 MB

SCOTT, MICHAEL D., WILLIAM H. BAYLIFF, CLERIDY E. LENNERT-CODY, and KURT M. SCHAEFER (compilers). 1999. Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Ecology and Fisheries for Tunas Associated with Floating Objects

Report 10

2 MB

MIZUNO, KEISUKE, MAKOTO OKAZAKI, HIDEKI NAKANO, and HIROSHI OKAMURA. 1999. Estimating the underwater shape of tuna longlines with micro-bathythermographs

Report 9

14 MB

DERISO, RICHARD B., WILLIAM H. BAYLIFF, and NICHOLAS J. WEBB (editors). 1998. Proceedings of the First World Meeting on Bigeye Tuna

Report 8

6 MB

BAYLIFF, WILLIAM H. (compiler). 1993. An indexed bibliography of papers on tagging of tunas and billfishes

Report 7

17 MB

DERISO, RICHARD B., and WILLIAM H. BAYLIFF (editors). 1991. World meeting on stock assessment of bluefin tunas: strengths and weaknesses

Report 6*

24 MB

LEATHERWOOD, STEPHEN, RANDALL R. REEVES, WILLIAM F. PERRIN, and WILLIAM E. EVANS. 1988. Ballenas, delfines y marsopas del Pacífico nororiental y de las aguas árticas adyacentes: una guía para su identificación

Report 5

7 MB

PETERSON, CLIFFORD L., and WILLIAM H. BAYLIFF. 1985. Organization, functions, and achievements of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

Report 4

14 MB

HAMMOND, P.S. (editor). 1981. Report on the workshop on tuna-dolphin interactions

Report 3

4 MB

BAYLIFF, WILLIAM H., and GARY A. HUNT. 1981. Exploratory fishing for tunas and tuna tagging in the Marquesas, Tuamotu, Society, Pitcairn, and Gambier Islands

Report 2

22 MB

BAYLIFF, WILLIAM H. (editor). 1980. Synopses of biological data on eight species of scombrids

Report 1

3 MB

BAYLIFF, WILLIAM H. 1975. Organization, functions, and achievements of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

 *In Spanish only

For information on events subsequent to mid-2001, see the more recent Annual and Quarterly Reports of the IATTC and the minutes and reports of the more recent meetings of the IATTC and the AIDCP, all available on this web site.


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