EPO Yellowfin Tuna 2018 Base Case Assessment

The assessment was conducted using Stock Synthesis (SS). These web pages provide information created automatically by the R4SS program. They also provide the SS output files and files used to run the stock assessment. The information contained in these web pages and files, or any content derived from them, should not be publically redistributed without the permission of the IATTC.

IATTC yellowfin tuna stock assessment document

The SS output is also available as a pdf

SS model files in zip archive

SS output files in zip archive


SS version: SS-V3.23b-safe-win64;_11/05/2011;_Stock_Synthesis_by_Richard_Methot_(NOAA)_using_ADMB_10

Starting time of model: Wed Apr 11 17:13:09 2018

Warnings (from file warnings.sso):

Final gradient is large: 0.00923911
 N warnings: 1
Number_of_active_parameters_on_or_near_bounds: 0