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The Commission staff maintains a database of all vessels authorized, or known, to fish for tunas and tuna-like species in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Under various IATTC resolutions, the information in this database is used as a basis for the following:

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Regional Vessel Register 

The 2000 Resolution on a Regional Vessel Register (amended in 2011, 2014 and 2018) established the list of vessels authorized by their governments to fish for species under the purview of the Commission.

Active purse-seine capacity list  and   Inactive and sunk purse-seine capacity list

The 2002 Resolution on fleet capacity established the lists of purse-seine vessels authorized to fish for tunas in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

List of purse-seiners referred to in Resolution C-02-03 paragraph 12

The 2002 Resolution on the Capacity of the Tuna Fleet Operating in the Eastern Pacific Ocean in its paragraph 12 authorizes a maximum of 32 US purse-seiners to fish in the EPO for a single trip not exceeding 90 days.  This list includes the U.S. purse-seiners that have been authorized for 2018.

List of authorized large longline vessels

The 2003 Resolution on large-scale longline vessels (amended in 2011) established the list of longline vessels over 24 meters authorized to fish for tunas and tuna-like species in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

List of authorized carrier vessels

The 2008 Resolution on a program for transshipments (amended in 2012) established the list of carrier vessels authorized to receive tuna and tuna-like species at sea from large-scale tuna longline fishing vessels.

IATTC IUU Vessel List       Other IUU Vessels lists  

The 2005 Resolution on IUU fishing (amended in 2015) established the list of vessels presumed to have carried out illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing activities in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Closures of the purse-seine fishery

Recommendation C-12-11 on the IATTC-WCPFC overlap area establishes that in the case of vessels listed in the registers of both organizations, the corresponding flag Member shall decide and notify to both Commissions under which of the two commissions those vessels shall operate when fishing in the overlap area, as regards the application, for a period of not less than three years, of the conservation and management measures of that Commission. The notifications by the flag Members pursuant to this provision are available here.

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Last modified: 05 Jan 2019