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  4. Participate in south Pacific albacore assessment
Proyecto H.6.c - Participate in south Pacific albacore assessment
En curso
  • Staff participation in development and improvement of the south Pacific albacore assessment
  • Understand the assessment results, and communicate them to the Commission
  • The assessment is for albacore in the south Pacific that are covered by both the IATTC and WCPFC
  • The IATTC staff provides data and advice for the assessment
Importancia para la ordenación
The IATTC uses the results of the assessment to provide management advice
Plan de trabajo y estatus
See SPC website for details
Colaboradores externos
Report to SAC meetings
Fecha de actualización: 01 abr. 2021
Resumen de los avances en el periodo del informe
  • January 2021: Attend the SPC stock assessment meetings for south Pacific albacore
  • March 2021: Made a presentation in the SPC pre-assessment workshop (PAW) on the fishery stratification for albacore in the southern EPO