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Project H.6.c - Participate in south Pacific albacore assessment
Program(s) in charge: Ecosystem & Bycatch Program
  • Staff participation in development and improvement of the south Pacific albacore assessment
  • Understand the assessment results, and communicate them to the Commission
  • The assessment is for albacore in the south Pacific that are covered by both the IATTC and WCPFC
  • The IATTC staff provides data and advice for the assessment
Relevance for management
The IATTC uses the results of the assessment to provide management advice
Workplan and status
See SPC website for details
External collaborators
Report to SAC meetings
Updated date: 01 Apr 2021
Progress summary for the reporting period
  • January 2021: Attend the SPC stock assessment meetings for south Pacific albacore
  • March 2021: Made a presentation in the SPC pre-assessment workshop (PAW) on the fishery stratification for albacore in the southern EPO