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Stock Assessment Program
The Stock Assessment Program is responsible for following major areas of activity:
  1. Based on the best available science, implement stock assessments of tunas, billfishes, dolphins, and stocks of other species (e.g. sharks and dorado) as deemed necessary by the Members.
  2. Maintain active participation and/or collaboration in assessments conducted by other entities (e.g. International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-Like Species in the North Pacific Ocean, Secretariat of the Pacific Community) of stocks whose range includes the EPO (e.g. bluefin, albacore, billfishes, sharks) or for which hypotheses of stock geographic boundaries are being explored (e.g. Pacific-wide assessment of bigeye, billfishes, sharks).
  3. Evaluation of the effect on the status of the stocks from current or any other types of proposed management measures (e.g. using risk analysis to evaluate the impact of management measures with respect to the reference points specified in the IATTC’s harvest control rule).
  4. Conduct a comprehensive Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) for the tropical tuna in the EPO and collaborate with other organizations in Pacific-wide MSEs (e.g. with ISC for albacore and Pacific bluefin tuna).
  5. Design and evaluation of sampling programs for fishery data collection and scientific experiments in the EPO.
  6. Analyzing biological and fisheries data for input into the stock assessments.
  7. Conducting research on stock assessment, stock assessment methodology, and related topics.
  8. Providing analytical support for the other IATTC research programs. 
  9. Through collaborations with external studies, improve our understanding of the socio-economic aspects of sustainable fisheries for tropical tunas (e.g. POSEIDON with Ocean Conservancy).
  10. Assist with capacity-building for IATTC Members related to data collection, stock assessment, and evaluation of management options.
  11. Participation in scientific meetings, scientific bodies, and peer reviews of stock assessments and research.
  12. Organizing workshops on stock assessment methodology (e.g. the fall workshop series, in collaboration with CAPAM, the Center for the Advancement of Population Assessment Methodology) and external reviews of IATTC stock assessments.
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Mark N. Maunder

Head of Stock Assessment Program

Rujia Bi

Senior Statistician

Carolina Minte-Vera

Senior Quantitative Fisheries Scientist

Juan Valero

Coordinator of MSE Project (External Science Advisor)

Haikun Xu

Senior Quantitative Fisheries Scientist