IATTC - Achotines Laboratory





The research facilities of the Achotines Laboratory include one 1300-m3, two 170-m3 and three 85-m3 circular, concrete tanks for broodstock fish contained in a 1300-m2 roofed, open-walled building.  Other buildings contain facilities for incubating eggs, rearing larvae and juveniles, and producing algae and rotifers for feeding the fish, a library, an analytical laboratory, and a DNA laboratory.  There is also housing for scientists, a workshop, and a pier in Achotines Bay for vessel operations. Many of the facilities installed as part of the joint project became the property of the Government of Panama when the project concluded in 2001.  In 2002 it was agreed that they would remain at the Laboratory for use by the IATTC staff in its research.


Algal culture


Living quarters

Pier and beach

Research vessels

Broodstock tank








Last modified: 19 Oct 2010