Early studies of black skipjack tuna

In 1991, late-larval black skipjack tuna (Euthynnus lineatus) collected at sea were successfully reared to sexual maturity in the laboratory.  This had not been accomplished previously for any species of tuna.  From 1992 to 1994, sub-adult black skipjack captured in the wild spawned for extended periods in the Laboratory.  The eggs and larvae hatched in captivity were used in a variety of laboratory experiments to describe the early development and growth of the species.

Through 1994, early juvenile black skipjack collected at sea were reared at the Laboratory. This series of experiments resulted in published studies of the nutrition, ageing and growth, and development of vision in early-juvenile black skipjack.

By 1996, with the expansion of the Laboratory facilities, research emphasis at Achotines shifted to the spawning and rearing of
yellowfin tuna.