IDCP documents


Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program


AIDCP  Amended Oct 2017

AIDCP amendments  Amended Oct 2017

AIDCP Rules of confidentiality

Criteria for cooperating non-parties

IATTC-WCPFC Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) on the cross-endorsement of WCPFC and IATTC and approved observers when observing on the high seas of the convention areas of both organizations  Signed August 2011

Tuna Tracking and Certification

Tuna Tracking System  Amended Jun 2015

Dolphin Safe certification system

Protocol for publicizing TTF numbers

Procedures and guidelines

Maintaining qualified captain list

Special problem sets

List of qualified fishing captains 27 Aug 2019

Experimental Fishing

Large herd guidelines

Transit waiver

SML procedures

Raft guidelines

Force majeure guidelines

Trial sets

Procedures for the allocation of an observer on board on an AIDCP fishing trip and pursuant to IATTC Resolution C-09-04


Forms and Templates

Transit Waiver form (Document provided by the Secretariat, and not a product approved of or mandated by the Parties)


Request for observer deployment and/or transshipment form


Conference and training resources

Captain Seminars

IDCP posters  poster 1  12 MB   poster 2  33 MB   poster 3  48 MB   poster 4   15 MB  


IRP Annual reports

Executive report on the functioning of the AIDCP

Other instruments

La Jolla Agreement


Informational pamphlet on the AIDCP


Educational module on the AIDCP


Video on the AIDCP


Declaration of Panama


Press Release on Shark tagging




FAO Margarita Lizárraga Award

Press release regarding the Margarita Lizárraga medal

Expired - instruments (for reference)

Joint WG Terms of reference


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Last modified: 25 Nov 2019