IATTC and AIDCP Meetings - October 2004 - La Jolla, California, USA




17th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking 

TT-17-04 Tracking and certification

11 Oct 04

TT-17-05 Discrepancy trigger 

08 Oct 04

TT-17-06 SLV PROP Certification system

21 July 04

TT-17-08 CRI PROP Conversion factor

15 Oct 04

3rd Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP dolphin safe tuna certification system 



37th Meeting of the International Review Panel    Revised 05 Oct 04

IRP-37-05 Mortality 2004

12 Oct 04

IRP-37-07 Captain List

30 Sept 04

IRP-37-08 Transit waiver guidelines 

03 Oct 04

IRP-37-10 Operational requirements 

13 Sept 04

IRP-37-11 Ortza release  

13 Sept 04

IRP-37-13b Special cases 

03 Oct 04

IRP-37-14 Pattern of infractions 


11 Oct 04

12th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP  Revised 03 Oct 04

MOP-12-06 JWG Terms of reference 
MOP-12-07 Criteria for non-parties
MOP-12-08 IUU vessel list 

03 Oct 04

General Information

Note: The first three meetings are open only to members of the IRP or members of government delegations.
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