IATTC and AIDCP Meetings - October 2005 - La Jolla, California, USA




3rd Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board  Updated 12 Oct 05

SAB-03-06 Plan of work
Nmin Workshop Report Aug 2005

12 Oct 05

20th Meeting of the Tuna Tracking Working Group

TT-20-05 Tracking and certification

07 Oct 05

TT-20-06 Conversion Factor Questionnaire

12 Oct 05

TT-20-07 International verification system

11 Oct 05

6th Meeting of the Working Group to Promote and Publicize the Dolphin Safe Tuna Certification System


40th Meeting of the International Review Panel Revised 12 Oct 05

IRP-40-05 Mortality 2005
IRP-40-06a DML requests 2006

12 Oct 05

IRP-40-07 Captain-List

05 Oct 05

IRP-40-09a Infraction responses  Revised 20 Oct 05


IRP-40-09b Special cases

12 Oct 05

IRP-40-10 Amendment transit waiver guidelines

05 Oct 05

IRP-40-11a RDA  2nd semester DMLs

06 Oct 05

IRP-40-11b DMLs and national TTVS

05 Oct 05

IRP-40-12 Observer program comparison
IRP-40-13 Pattern of infractions

12 Oct 05

14th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP Revised 11 Oct 05

MOP-14-05 AIDCP budget and reductions

12 Oct 05

MOP-14-07 Publicizing TTF numbers
MOP 14-09a Renunciation of DMLs
MOP-14-09b IRP Meetings

03 Oct 05

MOP-14-09c RDA utilization deadline

07 Oct 05

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Note: The meetings on 18 and 19 October are open only to members of the IRP or members of government delegations.

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