External review of IATTC bigeye tuna assessment -May 2010 - La Jolla, California, USA
Date Agenda Documents Posted
3-6 External review of IATTC bigeye tuna assessment

BET-01-01 Topic summaries DRAFT

21 Apr
BET-01-02a Spatial-temporal analysis DRAFT 20 Apr
BET-01-02b BET sub-stock analysis DRAFT 21 Apr
BET-01-03 Growth sensitivity analysis DRAFT
BET-01-04 Investigation of CPUE data DRAFT
20 Apr
BET-01-05 Length frequency residuals DRAFT 26 Apr
BET-01-06 Recruitment hypotheses DRAFT 03 May
BET-01-07 Summary of data DRAFT 30 Apr


NOTE: Due to the recent earthquake in Chile, Dr. Billy Ernst will be unable to attend the meeting of the Panel for the
External Review of the IATTC Bigeye Tuna Assessment. Dr. Shelton Harley will attend in his place, as a member of the Panel.


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