Scientific meetings -August-September 2010 - La Jolla, California, USA





30 Aug

Technical meeting on sharks



30 Aug

Consultation on Pacific bluefin tuna



31 Aug - 3 Sept

1st Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee Revised 10 Aug 10

SAC-01 Recommendations

27 Sept

SAC-01-INF-A Susceptibility measures

28 Aug

SAC-01-05 The fishery in the EPO 2009

16 Aug

SAC-01-08a Bigeye tuna assessment 2009

23 Aug

SAC-01-08b Bigeye tuna additional sensitivity analyses

28 Aug

SAC-01-07 Yellowfin tuna assessment 2009

16 Aug

SAC-01-09 Skipjack tuna assessment 2009

16 Aug

SAC-01-10 Striped marlin assessment

01 Sept

SAC-01-11 Port sampling program

16 Aug

SAC-01-12 Regional tagging project

24 Aug

SAC-01-15 Ecosystem effects

28 Aug

SAC-01-16 Pacific bluefin tuna reference points

25 Aug

SAC-01-18 Future activities

24 Aug

General information

Meeting notice for Technical meeting on sharks

Meeting notice for Consultation on Pacific bluefin tuna

Meeting notice for 1st Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee

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Current meetings


Technical meeting on sharks
Sharks and the IATTC
Potential assessment methods

Silky shark stock assessment
Review shark fishery statistics available from the IATTC observer program
Trend data from the Pacific Ocean
Which are the best options for mitigation available today?

Scientific Advisory Committee meeting
IATTC scientific workshop, November 2009
The fishery in 2009
Public domain release discussion
Conservation recommendations and resolution
Bigeye tuna

Yellowfin tuna
Skipjack tuna
Port sampling program
Regional tagging project

Sharks: Review of workshop
Productivity Susceptibility Assessment (PSA)
Pacific bluefin working group
Data Activities (FIRMS)

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