IATTC and AIDCP Meetings - 26 October-01 November, 2014 - La Jolla, California, USA








21st Meeting of the Working Group to promote and publicize the AIDCP Dolphin Safe Tuna Certification System

DSP-21-04 Promotion actions

17 Oct

56th Meeting of the International Review Panel

IRP-56-05a DMLs 2014
IRP-56-05b DML Requests 2015
IRP-56-06 Captain List
IRP-56-07a Infraction responses

14 Oct

30th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP

MOP-30-05 Report on IDCP

17 Oct

MOP-30 INF-A Options for dolphin population assessments

15 Oct

MOP-30 INF-B Vessel assessments

22 Oct



87th Meeting of the IATTC (Resumed)

IATTC-87 INF-B Conservation of Pacific bluefin
SAC-05-10a Pacific bluefin tuna: Stock assessment and management

21 Oct


16th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity

CAP-16 - Files on capacity claims, request or disputes

30 Oct


88th Meeting of the IATTC (Extraordinary)





IATTC-87 PROP A-1 CAM Selection of Director
IATTC-88 PROP A-1 VUT Resolution of capacity disputes
IATTC-87 PROP A-2 EU Selection of Director
IATTC-87 Selection of Director REV 1
IATTC-87 Selection of Director REV 2
IATTC-87 Term of Director
IATTC-87 PROP A-3 VUT Selection of Director
IATTC-87 PROP A-4 VUT Director extension
IATTC-87 PROP A-5 EUR Acting Director
IATTC-87 PROP F-1B EU Terms of reference for organizational assessment
IATTC-87 EUR Terms of reference for organizational assessment MEX
IATTC-87 PROP H-2A EU Management of fishing capacity
IATTC-87 PROP I-1B JPN Conservation of Pacific bluefin tuna
IATTC-87 PROP I-3 MEX Conservation of Pacific bluefin tuna
IATTC-87 PROP-I-3 - MEX PBF Justification  
IATTC-87 PROP I-3A MEX JPN USA Conservation of bluefin



Other documents (misc.)



Exploratory note on Japanese Pacific bluefin tuna proposal
Developing conservation measures for bluefin tuna
CAP-16 Capacity claims

PEW Additional recommendations to the 87th meeting (resumed)

07 Oct




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