2nd Technical Meeting on Dorado - 27-29 October 2015 - Lima, Peru






2nd Technical meeting on dorado

DOR-02 Assessment methods of dorado

06 Nov





Session 1. Inauguration and opening*
DOR-02 Background IATTC

Session 3. Review of biological aspects and defining stock structure assumptions for population modeling*
DOR-02 Review of dorado biology and stock structure IATTC
DOR-02 Contribution to the discussion on dorado stock structure Panama



Session 2. Update on knowledge about the fisheries*
DOR-02 Dorado research in Peru
DOR-02 Dorado diet in Peru
DOR-02 Genetics of dorado in the eastern Pacific Ocean-WWF
DOR-02 Age and growth of dorado in northern Peru
DOR-02 Dorado Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) in Peru-WWF
DOR-02 Dorado fishery in Chile
DOR-02 Possible correlation between CPUE and sea surface temperature for dorado
DOR-02 The dorado fishery in the Pacific Ocean of Colombia-WWF
DOR-02 Length compositions of dorado catches from Guatemala fishery
DOR-02 Analysis of the dorado bycatch in the eastern Pacific Ocean during 1997-2006
DOR-02 Dorado otolith morphometric analysis Mexico
DOR-02 Dorado migratory movements, depth distribution and thermal preferences Mexico

Session 4. Potential stock assessment methodologies for dorado*
DOR-02 Review of stock assessment methods IATTC
DOR-02 Dorado stock assessment from Peruvian fishery data
DOR-02 Dorado monthly depletion estimator IATTC
DOR-02 Dorado Stock Synthesis model IATTC

Session 5. Discussion of a Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) for dorado*
DOR-02 Dorado Stock Synthesis model IATTC




* In Spanish only


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