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  • You can use the Project Search Tool below to browse over the staff’s research projects, including their brief summaries, that are currently under way, or planned for the near future and funded under the 5-year Strategic Science Plan (2019-2023). The summaries include, for each project, background information, a work plan, and a progress report, as well as details of its relevance and purpose, external collaborators, duration, and deliverables; also, for existing projects, an update on activities since the previous year’s report.

    This information can also be found on the IATTC-98b-Staff activities and research plan.

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    01 Jul 2021 - 31 Dec 2022
    • Use of Achotines Laboratory as support for a wide array of research activities under the Strategic Science Plan
    • Improved links among early life history research, stock assessment and management of tropical tunas under a changing climate
    • Increased use of the Laboratory as support for IATTC’s capacity-building activities
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