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Susana Cusatti

Position: Head of Achotines Laboratory - Achotines Laboratory

+507 832 8166



  • Responsible for the daily supervision of research activities conducted by Achotines Laboratory staff in coordination with the Laboratory Director.
  • Supervision of daily data collection and data management at the Achotines Laboratory.
  • Participation in the research activities carried out by the Early Life History Group.


  • Master of Advanced Studies, Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, 2011.
  • Degree in Biology With Orientation in Environmental Biology, National University of Panama, Republic of Panama, 2007.


Susana Cusatti is a member of the Early Life History Group in the Biology Program. She joined the IATTC staff in 2009 to work as a supervisory biologist at the Achotines Laboratory, Republic of Panama. The Achotines Laboratory was established as a research facility designed for studies of the early life history of tunas. While tunas are the main focus at the Laboratory, the facilities support research in other scientific areas. Susana’s responsibilities include the daily oversight of research activities and planning, the supervision of Achotines Laboratory staff working under the supervision of the Laboratory Director, and participation in the research activities carried out by the Early Life History Group. She also provides scheduling and sampling assistance for the research activities of visiting scientists and collaborating researchers conducting research at the Laboratory.

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