IATTC Annual meetings


IATTC - MOP / Working Groups / Committees


Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)


92nd IATTC meeting - Jul 2017



IATTC-92 INF-A Observer safety at sea
IATTC-92 INF-B Catches by set type 2017
IATTC-92 INF-C Alternative management scenarios




90th IATTC meeting - Jun 2015

34th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP - Oct 2016


IATTC-90 INF-A Background information on discards
IATTC-90 INF-B Addendum 1 Alternative management measures
IATTC-90 INF-B Alternative management measures
IATTC-90 INF C Observer safety at sea
IATTC-90 INF-D Field office operations

MOP-34 INF A Dolphin Safe National (USA) Survey


89th IATTC meeting - Jun 2015

17th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Fleet Capacity

6th SAC - 2015

IATTC-89 INF-B PER Capacity request
IATTC-89 INF-C BOL Restitution of capacity
IATTC-89 INF-D VUT Capacity dispute Esmeralda C

CAP-17 INF-A Pending capacity claims, disputes ... (Agenda Item 4)
CAP-17 INF-B Fleet capacity 2015

SAC-06 INF-A New catch areas and Pennington sample size
SAC-06 INF-B Capacity scenarios
SAC-06 INF-C Oceanographic conditions in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and their effects on tuna fisheries



87th IATTC meeting - Oct 2014 (resumed)

30th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP - Oct 2014

4th SAC - 2013

IATTC-87 INF-B Conservation of Pacific bluefin

MOP-30 INF-A Options for dolphin population assessments
MOP-30 INF-B Vessel assessments

SAC-04-INF A YFT: Assessment review recommendations
SAC-04-INF D Management options - TAC scheme

87th IATTC meeting - Jul 2014

2nd Committee on Administration and Finances - Jul 2014


IATTC-87 INF-A Expert workshop on capacity - Moderator's report

CAF-02 INF-A Pension fund statement




83rd IATTC meeting - 2012

13th WG Capacity - 2012

3rd SAC - 2012

IATTC-83 INF A Pension fund
IATTC-83 INF B Overlap area

CAP-13-07 INF A Graphs on the well volume of the purse seine fleet in the EPO
CAP-13 INF-B Implementation of recommendations

SAC-03-INF A Length based meta-population stock assessment model DRAFT



82nd IATTC meeting - 2011

9th WG Capacity - 2007

2nd SAC - 2011

IATTC-82-INF A Evaluation of TAC system for the EPO

CAP-9-INF A Effect of capacity increases
CAP-9-INF B Vessel information
CAP-9-INF B Appendices

SAC-02-INF A Capacity scenarios



81st IATTC meeting - 2010


1st SAC - 2010

IATTC-81-INF A Seabird conservation


SAC-01-INF-A Susceptibility measures



75th IATTC meeting - 2007


9th Stock Assessment Review Meeting (SARM) - 2008

IATTC-75 INF A Sharks


SARM-9-INF-A Predator associations-Abstract
SARM-9-INF-B Comments on Document SARM 9-11d



74th IATTC meeting - 2006



IATTC-74-INF A BET catches







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