AIDCP Meetings - October 2002 - La Jolla, USA



11th Meeting of the Permanent Working Group on Tuna Tracking  

TT-11-05 Techical modifications to dolphin safe certificate 

TT-11-07 Dolphin safe certification procedures 

Working Group on Vessel Assessments  


31st Meeting of the International Review Panel Revised 06/09/02 

IRP-31-09 AIDCP budget analysis

IRP-31-11 Recommendation re frivolous requests 

IRP-31-13a Observers on small vessels 

IRP-31-13b AIDCP amendments tm-m3 

IRP-31-16 Dolphin cow-calf separation 

8th Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP Revised 26/09/02 

MOP-8-05 AIDCP Annexes II and IV amendments Revised 26/09/02 

Current meetings

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