9th Stock Assessment Review Meeting -May 2008 - La Jolla, California, USA
Date Reports Agendas Documents Posted
12-16 9th Stock Assessment Review Meeting 9th Stock Assessment Review Meeting 
Revised 03 Apr
IATTC-77-04 Conservation proposal 03 Apr
SARM-9-04 The fishery in 2007         Superseded 4 Dec 08 02 May
SARM-9-05 Summary of conservation proposals 01 May
SARM-9-06a YFT assessment 2007     Superseded  12 Mar 09 02 May
SARM-9-06b BET assessment 2007 Superseded  12 Mar 09 05 May
SARM-9-06c Effect of conservation resolutions 02 May
SARM-9-07 SKJ assessment 2007 Superseded  12 Mar 09 02 May
SARM-9-08 Review of stock structure of tunas Superseded  12 Mar 09 04 May
SARM-9-09 In-season management 02 May
SARM-9-11a USA Seabirds and Fisheries in IATTC Area: Update 01 May
SARM-9-11b ACAP Albatross and petrel distribution in the EPO 05 May
SARM-9-11c TWN Seabird bycatch 09 May
SARM-9-11d Bigeye assessment overview 09 May
SARM-9-12 Ecosystem considerations 08 May
SARM-9-15 FAD research 05 May
Informational Papers

SARM-9-INF-A Predator associations-Abstract

SARM-9-INF-B Comments on Document SARM 9-11d


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Note: Previously known as "9th Meeting of the Working Group on Stock Assessment"

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