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IATTC / AIDCP meetings

IATTC - Working Groups

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) - (SARM)



33rd Meeting of the Parties to the AIDCP - 2016
MOP-33-INF-A REV. 1 EUR Rationalization of AIDCP meetings (Revised 21 June)

81st IATTC meeting - 2010
IATTC-81-INF B CAN Precautionary approach

48th IRP meeting - 2009
IRP-47-07 USA Infractions and flag change

14th WG Capacity - 2013 
CAP-14 INF A EU Working paper on a capacity management plan

5th Bycatch Working Group - 2006
BWG-5-INF A USA Seabird report
BWG-5-INF B JPN Seabirds and sea turtles


8th SAC - 2017 
SAC-08 INF B Acoustic properties of yellowfin
SAC-08 INF C Conservation status and habitat use of sea turtles in the eastern Pacific Ocean
SAC-08 INF D(a) Seabirds: Tools and guidelines for identifying and handling
SAC-08 INF D(b) Seabirds: Indicators, data needs, methodology and reporting
SAC-08 INF D(c) Seabirds: Status and priorities for albatrosses and large petrels
SAC-08 INF D(d)
Seabirds: Reducing impact of pelagic longline fishing
SAC-08 INF E(a) Pacific bluefin tuna: Harvest Scenario Summary report
SAC-08 INF E(b) Pacific bluefin tuna: Preliminary analysis of additional future projections for Pacific bluefin tuna

7th SAC - 2016 
SAC-07 INF C(a) ISC Pacific Bluefin Tuna Stock Assessment Executive Summary
SAC-07 INF C(b) ACAP-BLI Seabirds - Reducing bycatch
SAC-07 INF C(c) The use of echo-sounder buoys in purse seine fleets fishing with DFADs in the EPO
SAC-07-INF C(d) Reported catch data for non-target species
SAC-07 INF C(e) ISSF Technical Report - Chinese Taipei
SAC-07 INF C(f) 1 Acoustic discrimination at FADs
SAC-07 INF C(g) 2 Acoustic discrimination at FADs

SAC-07 INF C(i) Review of the Spanish FAD plan
SAC-07 INF C(j) Towards a Tropical Tuna Buoy derived Abundance index

6th SAC - 2015 
SAC 06 INF-I EU Spain: National report 2014*
SAC-06 INF-K Venezuela: National report 2014*
SAC-06 INF-L Japan: National Report

SAC-06 INF-A New catch areas and Pennington sample size
SAC-06 INF-B Capacity scenarios
SAC-06 INF-B Add. Capacity scenarios
SAC-06 INF-C Oceanographic conditions in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and their effects on tuna fisheries
SAC-06 INF-D ISC Stock assessment reports
SAC-06 INF-N Tuna and oceanography abstract

4th SAC - 2013
SAC-04-INF B Managing fishing capacity: an economic approach
SAC-04-INF C Dolphin assessment review

10th SARM - 2009
SARM-10-14a Proposal to add several years of data to the assessment of YFT
SARM-10-14b Vertical distribution of 17 pelagic fish species in the longline fisheries in the EPO

9th SARM - 2008
SARM-9-11d Bigeye assessment overview

*Spanish only

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