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Project H.3.a - Analysis of recent skipjack tagging data

01 Jun 2021 - 31 May 2024

Program(s) in charge: Stock Assessment Program
Estimate abundance and fishing mortality rate of skipjack tuna from recent tagging data while accounting for mixing rates
  • Currently, no assessment is available for skipjack tuna in the EPO • Tagging data has been collected in several recent tagging cruises
  • Practicalities of tagging skipjack limit the spatial distribution of tag releases
  • The short-lived nature of skipjack tuna necessitate the modelling of mixing rates
  • Spatio-temporal models of abundance are combined with advection-diffusion of tags to model the tagging data and estimate absolute abundance and fishing mortality
Relevance for management
Provides estimates of abundance and fishing mortality that can be used in stock assessments or compared with proxy reference points
3 years
Workplan and status
  • Contract analyst
  • Develop model
  • Apply model to updated data
  • Present methods and results at SAC
  • Publish paper
External collaborators
To be determined
  • Report presented at SAC 2024
  • Published paper
Updated date: 01 May 2023
Progress summary for the reporting period
  • Initial analysis of tagging data conducted
Challenges and key lessons learnt
The analysis is computationally demanding, but switching methodologies solved this issue
Funding is needed to continue the project and a proposal has been submitted to the EU
  • SAC-13-08
  • SAC-14 INF-E