7th Meeting of the Working Group on Stock Assessment - May 2006 - La Jolla, California, USA




7th Meeting of the Working Group on Stock Assessment    Revised 26 Apr 06

SAR-7-03 Data received

01 May 06

Report of the workshop on stock assessment methods

15 May 06

SAR-7-05a Blue Shark MSY 2002

20 Apr 06

SAR-7-05b Albatross and petrel distribution

03 May 06

SAR-7-05c Seabirds and fisheries in EPO

05 May 06

SAR-7-05d Circle hook experiments

12 May 06

SAR-7-05e Seabird bycatch CHN LL fishery

16 May 06

SAR-7-07 Longline CPUE standardization

05 May 06

SAR-7-07a.i YFT assessment 2005  9 MB

28 Apr 06

SAR-7-07a.ii Estimating YFT abundance
SAR-7-07b SKJ CPUE analysis
SAR-7-07c.i BET assessment 2005 

20 Apr 06

SAR-7-07c.i SUP Sensitivity JPN catch data

01 May 06

SAR-7-07c.ii Pacific-wide BET assessment

15 May 06

SAR-7-07e Modeling silky shark bycatch

28 Apr 06

SAR-7-07d SWO assessment 2005

12 May 06

SAR-7-08 Sea turtle regional program

04 May 06

SAR-7-09 Shark fin weight ratios

09 May 06

SAR-7-09a Shark bycatch CHN LL fishery

22 May 06

SAR-7-10 Seabird interactions

18 Apr 06

SAR-7-11 Shark research plan

15 May 06

SAR-7-12 Effect of Resolution C-04-09

01 May 06

SAR-7-12a Vessel catch limits

25 Apr 06

SAR-7-12b Effect of catch length restriction

19 May 06

SAR-7-13 Tunas and billfishes in the EPO 

05 May 06

SAR-7-16 Mid year meeting

08 June 06

Presentations made at the meeting  (ppt)

Analysis of SKJ catch per unit of effort

SAR 7 07d 2006

Bigeye tuna 2006

Bycatches in the eastern Pacific tuna fisheries

Bird life presentation

SAWG 2006 Silky Sharks

Birds IATTC SAWG 0506

Sensitivity to Japanese catch

Data provision and availability

Stock Assessment Working Group

Dolphin associated CPUE analysis

Stock assessment workshop

Evaluation of resolution


Everett Fishing Year 2005

Tortugas RAI AP 08

Kleiber presentation

Tuna productivity

Length resolution

Update Yellowfin Tuna 2006

Longline CPUE standardization

Vessel limits

Pacific wide assessment

General Information

The meeting room will be the Martin Johnson House (T 29) located on the Scripps Institution of Oceanography campus, walking distance from Southwest Fisheries Science Centre.

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