8th Meeting of the Working Group on Stock Assessment - May 2007 - La Jolla, California, USA
Date Agendas Documents Posted


8th Meeting of the Working Group on Stock Assessment SAR-8-05 Data received 07 May 07
SAR-8-06 Fishery 2006   Superseded 27 Apr 07
SAR-8-07 Closed area analysis  07 May 07
SAR-8-08a YFT assessment 2006 Superseded 25 Apr 07
SAR-8-08b Effect of Resolution C-04-09 03 May 07
SAR-8-09a BET assessment 2006  8 MB Superseded 03 May 07
SAR-8-09c BET gear effects 27 Apr 07
SAR-8-10 SKJ indicators Superseded 25 Apr 07
SAR-8-11 SWO stock structure Superseded 02 May 07
SAR-8-12a Proposals re IATTC stock assessments 20 Mar 07
SAR-8-12b LL data collection practices 26 Apr 07
SAR-8-12c LL seabird bycatch mitigation 26 Apr 07
SAR-8-12d US bird report 01 May 07
SAR-8-12e Chinese Taipei observer data for seabirds and sharks 04 May 07
SAR-8-12f Ratio of shark fin to body weight (Korea) 04 May 07
SAR-8-12g Circle hooks catch rate 2006 (Korea) 04 May 07
SAR-8-12h China Observer program 2006 08 May 07
SAR-8-12i Alternative models of artificial floating objects 09 May 07
SAR-8-12j Acoustic selectivity in tropical tuna 09 May 07
SAR-8-13 Sea turtle program 07 May 07
SAR-8-14 Seabird interactions 27 Apr 07
SAR-8-15 Shark research plan 26 Apr 07
SAR-8-17 J Ecosystem considerations 02 May 07
   Presentations (ppt)

SAR-8-04 Workshop on management strategies

SAR-8-10 Skipjack

SAR-8-05 Data received

SAR-8-12d US bird report

SAR-8-06 The fishery 2006

SAR-8-12f Sharks fin (Korea)

SAR-8-07 BET closed area analysis

SAR-8-12g Circle hooks catch rate (Korea)

SAR-8-07 Possible coastal closure (YFT)

SAR-8-12h Observer program 2006 (China)

SAR-8-08a Yellowfin tuna 2007

SAR-8-12e Observer program (Chinese-Taipei)

SAR-8-08b Evaluation of resolution (YFT)

SAR-8-13 Regional sea turtle program

SAR-8-08b Evaluation of resolution (BET)

SAR-8-15 Shark comprehensive assessment plan draft

SAR-8-08d EPO yellowfin recruitment Langley

SAR-8-17 Ecosystem considerations

SAR-8-09a BET stock assess 2007

Surface currents

SAR-8-09c BET gear effects


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