3rd Technical Meeting on Dorado - 25-27 October 2016 - Panama City, Panama






3rd Technical meeting on dorado

DOR-02 Assessment methods of dorado


SAC-07-06a(i) Dorado assessment 


SAC-07-06a(ii) Management strategy evaluation (MSE) - for dorado





Session 1. Inauguration and opening
DOR-03-1.1 Background IATTC

Update on stock assessment and knowledge about the fisheries
2.1 Updates on knowledge about the fisheries
   DOR-03-2.1 Chile fishery on dorado
 DOR-03-2.1 El Salvador fishery on dorado
DOR-03-2.1 Bycatch of dorado in the Mexican Pacific with emphasis on artisanal fisheries
 DOR-03-2.1 Collection and management of dorado data by the IATTC in the tuna fishery purse seine in the EPO
DOR-03-2.1 Awareness about dorado longline fishing in waters of the Republic of Panama
DOR-03-2.1 Biological monitoring resource dorado in the seafood market and port Juan Diaz, Panama
DOR-03-2.1 Perico dorado fishery in Peru
DOR-03-2.1 Dorado records during landings of the longline fleet in Costa Rica
DOR-03-2.1 Dorado fishery in the Colombian Pacific 2009-2016
DOR-03-2.1 Expo Perico WWF PERU NRA
Exploratory stock assessment of dorado in the southeastern Pacific Ocean
DOR-03-2.2 Exploratory assessment of stock of dorado in the Pacific Ocean southeast

Session 3. Prioritizing data collection for data-limited fisheries
3.1 Review of data needs for fisheries management
   DOR-03-3.1 Review of the data necessary for fisheries management
3.2. Discussion on data collection for dorado data-limited fisheries
   DOR-03-3.2 Discussion of data queue

Session 4. Potential stock status indicators for data-limited fisheries
DOR-03-4.1 Reduction estimates

Session 5. Evaluating data source needs and stock status indicators using  (MSE) tools
5.1 Exploratory MSE of dorado in the southeastern Pacific Ocean
DOR-03-5.1 MSE of dorado in the southeastern Pacific Ocean
5.2. Discussion on MSE components
   DOR-03-5.2 Discusion on MSE components and possible future research

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