Vessel details data
IATTC Vessel Number:3364
Flag: United States
Gear: Purse seine
Port of registration:Seattle
Registration number: 536484
Call sign: WTV7533
Dimensions(m)Length: 62.02
Beam: 11
Depth: 7.31
Technical characteristicsFish hold volume (m3): 1523
Fish hold volume confirmation date: 1 Jan 2017
Carrying capacity (t): 1088
Gross tonnage: 1129
Engine power (HP):  
Year built: 1971
Shipyard: San Diego Marine
Company: Cristina Fishing Company, LLC
Business Address: 7850 N.W. South River Drive
Medley, FL 33166
United States
Previous Flag: Mexico - Change to United States notified on 27 Nov 1981 (recorded on 27 Nov 1981) - Vessel name at time of change: Rosa Olivia
Previous name: Rosa Olivia - Change to Cristina notified on 9 Sep 2014 (recorded on 10 Sep 2014) - Flag at time of change: United States

Last modified: 24 Feb 2020