Vessel details data
Authorized to fish
IATTC Vessel Number:3919
Flag: Ecuador
Gear: Purse seine
Registration number: 32589-PEXT-1
Call sign: HO3419
Dimensions(m)Length: 76.75
Beam: 13.5
Depth: 6.3
Technical characteristicsFish hold volume (m3): 1402
Fish hold volume confirmation date: 25 Mar 2009
Carrying capacity (t): 1089
Gross tonnage: 1098
Engine power (HP): 5000
Year built: 1970
Shipyard: Empresa Nacional Bazan
Company: America Tower I CorporaciĆ³n
Previous Flag: Panama - Change to Ecuador notified on 19 Dec 2013 (recorded on 23 Dec 2013) - Vessel name at time of change: Tunamar
Previous name: Haladeiro - Change to Tunamar notified on 25 Mar 2009 (recorded on 3 Apr 2009) - Flag at time of change: EU (Spain)
Notes:This vessel has been chartered with a temporary transfer of capacity from Panama (1402 m3).

Last modified: 5 Jun 2020